Tuesday, August 1, 2017

3 "Must Grabs" during the TPT Back to School Sales

It's here! It's here! 😀

The sale I wait for all July. Prime Day, Shhhmime Day - I can't help but get excited over the deep discount on great products.

Despite being a TPT seller myself (*insert shameless plug that my store is also on sale*), there is something to be said for the convenience and ease of buying quality products from your fellow teachers.

So here are a few "must grabs" to suit the computer lab classroom.

1. Reward Bracelets from Second Grade Smiles
What are they?
These bracelets are replacements/alternatives to brag tags. As a tech teacher who sees students too infrequently, I've never been able to use brag tags.
Why use them?
With these printable bracelets, I thought it would be a great way to send a positive note with kiddos outside of my computer lab. Messages like "Wonderful Worker" and "Lovely Listener" definitely apply to my students! I also really like that there is a "Birthday Kid" option - when kiddos tell me it's their birthday, I didn't previously have anything to give to them.
The cost?
Only $1.60 during the sale!! What!!

2. Emoji Punch Cards from Erintegration
What are they? 
The punch cards are an emoji-themed behavior reward system. Just designate what the incentive is, then punch off the emojis as students do good behaviors.
Why use them?
Um, emojis!!! Okay, I guess that's not a real reason on it's own.
I think this will be a great classroom incentive tool. The student's name is prominently featured in the middle - so I'm thinking these will work as name tags for the kids. I have clothespins on each monitor that they will fit into without problem.
The cost?
Also only $1.60! Hoorah!

3. Interactive Attendance Charts from Pink Cat Studios
What are they?
A local download to your computer + an HTML file (don't worry, it's crazy easy to set up) = attendance charts that students click using the smartboard on their way into my computer lab.
Why use them?
These are a must have! I've purchased a few individual themes in the past and I L-O-V-E this product. My K-3rd students know that they take their lines from outside my door, straight to the board to hand of the pen to click the smartboard. Once they've done so, they set headphones at their desk, and sit on the carpet for instruction. Magnificent!
The cost?
Okay, so these were my splurge. Price of $23.99, marked down from $67.89. #worthit

I'm a happy computer lab camper. <3
Do any of these strike your interest? Why or why not?
Let me know in the comments!

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