Thursday, June 4, 2015

A Cup Full of Love

Remember the little people. Now, I don't typically refer to myself as one of the "little people," but at the end of the year it is easy for us "extra subject" teachers to feel that way - especially when our classes ended a week ago. Here's my short story of how one teacher's thoughtfulness brightened my end-of-year days:

While primary teachers have been rushing about with end-of-school parties and performance rehearsals, I have been sitting quietly in my classroom clicking away looking for materials for next school year. I feel like that motorcyclist that zips by in traffic that is secretly hated by everyone else.

While I enjoy my cruise to freedom, I was surprised by something... loneliness. In all the busyness of the last couple weeks, students no longer wave and ask about class, teachers no longer have time to talk, administration is nearly impossible to meet with... now it might sound crazy, but it's true that it's a little sad. But, one teacher turned this frown upside-down with a quick email -

And a cup full of student LOVE!

What a simple but sweet gesture to brighten a fellow teacher's day!

I was inspired by her kindness and created a new freebie product to use to thank the computer teacher in your life. Click the image to download the free product - I also included a blank "Thank You" for other deserving folks:

Too late for a student project this year? An email will do! You wouldn't believe how far an email to the librarian, secretary, IT specialist, computer teacher, PE coach will go!

Here's to a fabulous summer!

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