Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Number Geek's Paradise!

So I would say I'm a self-professed number geek - what does this mean? Definitely not that I'm the greatest mathematician there ever was! For me, it means that I like finding patterns in any set of numbers I come across. Sometimes this even strays over into a somewhat "OCD" behavior...such as pumping the gas just a time or two more to end off on an even number or demanding that the TV volume be set on an even number... or a multiple of 5 is okay too, a multiple of 10 is BEST!! See what I mean, weird. Am I the only one??

 Anywho, you may wonder why I bring up this strange quirk of mine. Well, it's because I have hit the number pattern MOTHER LOAD the last week or so! Here are some of my favorites:

- I made it to 200 TPT followers! (Woohoo!)
- I now have 555 Facebook followers (thanks in part to the awesome giveaway that NC Teacher Chick has been hosting - hop over to her blog, it's still going!)
- I turned 25 on the 25th!

To celebrate this magical time, I have put my featured items on sale for...25%! Get it? :)
Click the image to link over to my store to check it out.

Help me feel more normal! Do you have any OCD number habits?


  1. I don't think I need to explain how OCD I am to you since you know me so well... ;-) But let's just say #colorcoding #specialpens #theystayinthecase
    I'm so happy you're blogging now!!! WELCOME!! Here's to lots of even numbered milestones!

  2. Our OCD worked us all the way through a Master's! :P
    I basically live those hashtags!!
    Thank you for the welcome - I can't wait to really get going with it!